Little Lost Chick
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Bruce is a curious little baby bird that always seems to be getting himself into trouble. He’s always sneaking away from his nest to explore the world around him, and usually ends up lost. Can you use your mind and reflexes to get him back home before momma bird finds out?

You' ll need a quick mind and finger to master all the unique game mechanics at your disposal to get Bruce home safe!

Game Features:
  • Beautiful Visuals
    Little Lost Chick has beautifully animated graphics and a wide variety of exotic locales. From the jungle to the arctic, you will enjoy the journey. Prepare yourself for a visually stunning adventure while you fight to keep Bruce safe.

  • Amazingly responsive and varied controls
    Little Lost Chick offers many different control methods, all in one fast paced puzzle game. You’ll need to swipe, tap, and drag to keep Bruce out of harm’s way. All of the different control schemes are easy to learn, and ultra responsive for maximum fun.

  • Outstanding physics engine
    We’ve taken great care to optimize physics engine that closely mimics real life. Whether you’re swinging from flower to flower or timing Bruce to fall to his nest at just the right time, it’ll feel like you’re playing with reality!

  • An already growing, long list of levels
    Little Lost Chick already has 100 levels, divided into 5 different and exotic locations. We already have new levels in development that will be made available to you and add hours of fun to the experience.

  • Test your brain AND reflexes
    With Little Lost Chick, you’ll have to think as fast as you can act. With several different control methods per level, you’ll have to use your brain as well as your reflexes to keep Bruce safe. A long list of built-in achievements will have you fighting to get the perfect score on each stage.
  • We hope you have a blast with Little Lost Chick!



    Little Lost Chick
    Little Lost Chick HD
    Little Lost Chick HD Lite